BLOG FOR KENNEL BODILIUS South of Jutland, 1 hour from German border

Female puppy born February 25th, 2019 is for sale, due to unforeseen circumstances. She is very intelligent, cute and cuddly. She seeks a good family. Ready for pick-up at June 10th, 2019. She has rabies vaccine, normal vaccine, EU Passport and health certificate from the veterinarian.
They are now playing a lot all the time. Still getting a little milk from MOLLY, but always playing, and then suddenly….BANG they lie down and sleep
This is from one of the first times they were outside some time ago, weather finally being ok. Aren't they lovely?
We got puppies on February 25th, 2019 - and Bodilius MOLLY Sifi Tilly did everything herself, and everything went very well. The puppies are now today 6 days old - 3 girls and 2 boys. The 'white' polar bears will become white with wonderful red/brown spots, we can already see them now. The other 2 are white, black and Tan