Bodilius Elliot Stabler Tilly
He has been sent to Canada today. We drove to Copenhagen and put him on a direct flight to Toronto. My mail is not working, so I write to his Family here: Please send via the contact page here on the website, that everything is ok, and that you have picked him up ok. He ate just before the flight, so he should be ok. He loves the Eukanuba SMALL puppy food, and he loves strawberry yoghurt every morning. He is very loving and loves to cuddle, and he is very energetic. You have Phoebe and Tuli, BEWARE they do not get jealous. Please make sure that you pay attention to them, WHENEVER you look at Elliot, or talk to him. Especially in the beginning. And also: It is quite ok that they play with him or even do it a bit rough, because he is used to that from our adult dogs. As to 'doing his business' he is very good, and he will stir at the door to the garden, when he wants to do his business. Please learn to read his signals, and you will have no problems. He is very intelligent and learns very quickly. We look forward to hearing from you that his journey was ok. Love from Tilly