They are outside often

The puppies love to be outside in the sun with their small and soft basket and their two mothers. Weather here in Denmark is 20-25 degrees C these days - and practcally summer. They ares still  getting milk from MOLLY. But their main food is now from dogfood Eukanuba Puppy mixed with a little strawberry yoghurt and a little liverpaste. (Tasts nicer, they think) - But for taste only. The best and most nutricious food is the Eukanuba Puppy food.

Every night they are in their birth environment in Laurits's office together with MOLLY. Otherwise they are in the house (with TV and Hoovering etc) and outside in the good weather, being introduced to eveything new and exiting. They can hear the traffic outside the garden, and are getting used to that.

They are getting bigger, the 2 boys are now much bigger than the girl, but that is normal.