Beautiful Bertha

As you probably have noticed, we have the last couple of days not written so much about Berthas Corner, but this is due to the fact that Bertha SUDDENLY during the week-end became ill of milk fever. This came without any warning, and we rushed to the veterinarian immediately. He treated her with injections of calcium, and later he also consulted other veterinarians, and consequently Bertha was admitted to an animal clinic close by for immediate treatment of drop with calcium etc. – and we immediately started bottle feeding the puppies every 3 hours – don’t worry they are 110% fine.

Unfortunately we had to have our beautiful Bertha put down, because all her inner organs failed. She is now buried in our garden today, and we are extremely sad and upset.

Thank God we have the puppies, and we have their mother’s sister and their great grandmother, who are very interested in them, and they will together with us be the puppies’ MUM. So the puppies are going to be ok. They are in our hands all the time (actually more now than they would normally be) and there are dogs nursing them and being good to them. They have their basked in Maj-Britt’s office, and here I am working every day. SNAP is in Laurits’s office, where he is working. Consequently all the puppies have company most of the day. The puppies are eating a lot of milk from the bottle, and their stomachs are very round, so they are very fine. We shall upload some more pictures and daily stories as well as videos. Now they are beginning to open their eyes, the first today was Babuska. And they are gradually starting to move around a little, moving along on their stomachs.

Well, we have never had any illness in all of our breeding years, so this has come as a big chock for us. Both veterinarians say that we could not have done anything differently, and that our dogs have the best food and conditions and surroundings that they could wish for. But this is of little comfort to us.