FOTOS Litter/Kuld March 28, 2018

May 7th

Bodilius Vicki Hackel Tilly 20th April 2018

Bodilius Herberg Schmidt Tilly 20th April 2018

Bodilius Mads Skjern Tilly 20th April 2018

The first sleep in the basket n the sitting room.

20th April in the sitting room

20th April in the sitting room - The boys outside of the basket, HERBERT to the left and MADS to the right

20th April Herbert lying on his back - as usual

20th April sleeping in the basket, from left MADS, HERBERT - VICKI

20th April - 3 weeks - the to male puppies in front. See also the small video in the BLOG

April 18th - still getting food in bed. One puppy is very interested

11th April 2 weeks old

11th April - 2 weeks old. Today we opened our eyes

11th April - 2 weeks old

11th April - 2 weeks old,

9th April - 12 days

9th April - 12 days. Left Herbert, middle Vicki and right Mads

8 April - left Mads, middle Herbert and right VIcki

8th April 2018 - 11 days

6th April evening - all asleep. Left is Herbert. Top left is Vicki and top right is Mads

They love to lie on the back when they sleep, both mother and child

All sleeping a lot

Day 3

Aaah, wonderful little babies

We are inside a 'cave' taking good care of the little ones

Day No. 1 -

Day No 1: From left Mads, VIcki in the middle and Herbert at the right

Bodilius Herbert Schmidt Tilly 3 days old

Bodilius Mads Skjern Tilly 3 days old

Bodilius Vicki Hackel Tilly 3 days old

Day 3

MOLLY is served food in bed. She refuses to leave the bed - even to go outside. We almost have to force her to go outside to do her business

Here we have fotos of the litter from Bodilius MOLLY Sifi Tilly, which was born on March 28th, 2018. 

We have got 3 puppies, all of them born during the night. They are really beautiful and handsome.

Their names are:

At 21.50 Bodilius Mads Skjern Tilly

At 22.15 Bodilius Herbert Schmidt Tilly

At 00.25 Bodilius Vicki Hackel Tilly

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